What is Kundalini Yoga

Are you ready to detox unhealthy habits, rise above limiting thoughts and stop blocking your purpose with distraction?

Within 90 seconds of a Kundalini practice you can totally change your mood, your energy level, your cravings, your negative thought patterns and your emotional reactivity.

Kundalini Yoga, equally impactful and misunderstood, is ancient yet timeless technology of human potential that helps you look & feel your best, get clear on your purpose and respond more consciously to the daily challenges of your life.

The body-mind practices leading to the self mastery skill levels are a comprehensive library of very precise physical, functional training workouts infused with heart-centered meditation training layered through breath awareness and sound (mantras). Profound and immediate shifts in neurochemistry, brain function and emotional patterns synergistically occur in the moment and become the groundwork for substantial life changes over time. As awareness increases so does immune & nervous system strength and overall vital health. The tools of Kundalini Yoga, although profound, are extremely straight forward, uncomplicated and user friendly for all body types, any age and any level of experience.

Beginners are always welcome to Kundalini Life and no former yoga or meditation experience is necessary to experience positive life changes relatively quickly whether growing on the path with us in one of our centers or transforming your life with us online. Advanced or adventurous practitioners on any path of self mastery can greatly enhance their transformation with the addition of Kundalini.

It is also known as “Raj Yoga” and could be explained or expressed as the “royal radiance of awakened consciousness”.

If you can breathe, you can transform your life with Kundalini!