What is Kundalini Life

The Pillar Commitment of Kundalini Life

Our mission at Kundalini Life is to help people overcome their limitations and blocks so that they can live in their true power and create the life of their dreams on their own terms.

Kundalini Life is a Co-Creative Dream Team and global community dedicated to personal & collective empowerment through service oriented self & life mastery training and transformational education. We provide transformational Life Coaching & Life Planning through our Dream Teams, our in-house & online programming and through our global destination retreats.

Our centers, online and global communities are hives of empowered people transforming themselves to be the conscious, creative masters of their life’s story sharing a new collective story of a more awakened, conscious Earth. We help people make their life and life on Earth the best it can be.

We invite you to join us in greater self love and self mastery and even greater masterful service of others so that we may all become more unified & whole in an unstoppable life of more presence, joy, compassion and purpose driven transformation.

We encourage you to learn as much as your inspired to, ask as many questions as you want or need to and tell us how you feel we could be even more unstoppable to serve you and each other better along the way.

Follow your heart through Kundalini Life with what inspires or challenges you the most. We’re in this together and we promise to serve you and to grow with you so that we’re all thriving together stronger & brighter everyday and in every way.

Sincerely In Service, 
The Kundalini Life Dream Team