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Sadhu Singh

Kundalini Life Founder & Creative Director

For nearly 20 years, Sadhu has been inspiring and guiding people from all over the world to transform their limitations and blocks so that they can thrive in their true power & purpose in life. When people are ready for authentic personal transformation or ready to find and deliver their unique mission on Earth, he guides them through the process of integrating their focus into a grounded, practical and sustainable daily life and long term reality.

Sadhu is the Founder & Creative Director of Kundalini Life and in addition to being a long-standing presence of intentional living through his public classes and special events in Miami, he personally guides a wide range of private clientele from wealth management executives, professionals, artists, athletes, students and busy parents and also leads international destination retreats. He has served the special needs of inner city children by encouraging them to find their peace & power through yoga & meditation, served public elementary school students & faculty with the same and guided corporate stress management & wellness programs with The American Heart Association, Canyon Ranch and Merrill Lynch. He has been featured in a prime time PBS Special and was a returning guest speaker for FOX TV’s Health Watch.

Sadhu has traveled internationally and as far as remote mountain monasteries of Tibet to learn in person with great teachers and leaders around the world such as the creator of Mindfulness Meditation, John Kabit-Zinn, Deepak Chopra, Mooji, Ashtanga Yoga Master Pattabhi Jois, Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan and His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

He gratefully lives in beautiful Southern Oregon with his wife, their 2 year old son and their new baby boy. Through Kundalini Life, he and the Kundalini Life Dream Team are committed to serving all in the greatest, healthiest and most inspired experience of Life on Earth.

Ramdesh Kaur

Kundalini Life Co-Founder

Ramdesh Kaur is the Co-Founder of Kundalini Life. She is natural born leader of consciousness and her sincere passion for uplifting others comes across in everything she does. Her love and commitment of serving the best in others carried her swiftly around the world and to train in India with great Yoga Masters of many traditions. She has trained extensively with some of the best international leaders of heart-centered presence in the world and carries this in her presence as a mother and everywhere she is. She has been featured on PBS and is a Conscious Living Consultant on the largest Latin American broadcasting television station in the world- Telemundo.

Jagatpal Kaur


CFO & Co-Creative Director


Chloe Freytag

Co-Creative Director, Teacher & Retreat Leader

As a professional ballerina, Chloe knows first hand how healing movement can be.  She strives to help people to deeply connect to their bodies and breath, and thus experience the magic that transpires through this unison.
Exposed to yoga at a young age by her mother, she has grown up with these practices for over 15 years. Chloe completed her first 200RYT at Miami Life Center in 2014.  Deepening her personal practice, she discovered how valuable yoga was for her dance career, increasing both her physical and mental capacity. In the Spring of 2015, Chloe made the journey to India with her beloved teacher Sadhu, traveling throughout the northern regions and studying with various infamous teachers, including Gurmukh and Gurushabd at Parmarth Niketan’s International Yoga Festival. This experience truly shifted her into a new reality of deepened consciousness, clarity, and resilience to move through obstacles with more grace and determination than she had in the past.
Chloe’s credentials include being a Certified Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition and having a Bachelors of Science in Health and Wellness from Kaplan University.  She completed her second 200 RYT training certified by KRI as a Kundalini Teacher as Taught by Yogi Bhajan in 2017. Chloe is honored to step into the Kundalini Life Miami community to share all her heart and experience with love.

Chris Maanas

Co-Creative Director, Teacher & Retreat Leader

Chris believes we all have a super power.  We all poses our own unique gifts that make us special.  His mission is to help you discover your own, and grow that super power into it’s fullest realized potential.
Passionate for traveling, yoga and healing, Chris have been practicing yoga of all different styles in so many places around the world. He feels it is amazing to experience no borders when you are on the mat; just you, your breath, and your journey. Chris has been an energy healer for more than 6 years in the Reiki Modality Traditional Usui and became Reiki Master on 2013 through Master Francisco Diaz. He completed his first 200RYT certification in Rishikesh, India in April 2015.  In 2017, he finished another 200RYT, this time KRI certified in Kundalini Yoga as Taught By Yoga Bhajan.  He also studied Sat Nam Rasayan with Guru Dev in Italy in 2017, deepening his connection to healing in the modality of Kundalini Yoga.  Chris is grateful to share space with you all here at Kundalini Life Miami.
BIanca Abbot Yoga Teacher

Bianca Abbot

Co-Creative Director, Teacher & Retreat Leader

Bianca (Bhavan Nam Kaur) passionately provides all her students & clients the ultimate healing experience. In her classes, private guidance and destination retreats Bianca shines best inspiring others and helping them learn all the tools to live their best, healthy lives. She seamlessly infuses sacred healing modalities such as yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, mantra, sacred circle, plant medicine, energy healing and sound healing into life changing experiences and life shifts for everyone she serves.

Bianca has been practicing yoga for 20 years and is a certified level 1 and 2 Kundalini Yoga and Vinyasa teacher with over a 1000 hours in yogic and meditation training. She has a dual-degree in psychology and science and a masters degree as a family nurse practitioner. She specializes in plant based nutrition, detoxification, and functional and integrative medicine. She integrates a mind body soul approach with her students and clients and has witnessed drastic healings and miracles defying Western Medicine.

Bianca created and implemented the First Kundalini Yoga and Meditation program for people with HIV/AIDS at New York Presbyterian, Judith Peabody Wellness Center in New York City. She also started the first Kundalini Yoga and Meditation program at North Miami Beach High school working with students with behavioral issues, mental illness, and chronic illnesses.

Last year Bianca spent 4.5 months in India, Nepal, and Bali where she deepened her practice and knowledge of yoga, meditation, and Ayuerveda. While there she studied with world renowned teachers and spiritual leaders like Gurmukh Khalsa, Sri Prem Baba, and Mooji. She has embodied what she practices and has healed herself of post traumatic stress, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, MRSA, chronic migraines, chronic fatigue, vaccination poisoning, etc. It is her mission to continue educating and teaching these ancient healing and holistic technologies to manage, treat and cure chronic, as well as, acute illnesses.

Bianca joined forces with Resorts World Hilton and Luna Beach in Bimini, Bahamas and you can join her there for monthly yoga wellness retreats and classes. Together with Sadhu Singh, she is also co-leading an incredible retreat to India, Nepal, and Bhutan next spring.

Bhagat Kaur

Bhagat Kaur

Teacher, Retreat Leader & Gong Privates

Bhagat Kaur has been a precious member of the Kundalini Life Family since its inception.
Devoted to the practice of Kundalini Yoga for over 15 years, she has found her calling in the teaching and creative transmittal of this most sacred practice. Her early training and experience through competitive gymnastics and professional dance has served her well in providing an experiential base for physical energy work as well as a strong affiliation with Sacred Sound current.

Bhagat Kaur has received the majority of her multi level trainings with master teachers Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Gurshabd Singh, Harijiwan Singh, Tej Kaur Khalsa, Gurucharan Singh and Guru Dev Singh. Her studies have taken her to India to immerse fully in the practice and she is now also teaching in India as well as leading Spiritual Yatras to this divine land. In February 2017, she is honored to be leading the upcoming Journey to the Heart of Yoga sponsored by Kundalini Life Miami.

Bhagat Kaur continues to enrich the many facets of this Raj Yoga with studies in Sat Nam Rasayan Healing, Ancient Gong Sound Current and Ayurveda.

Liv Shanti

Liv Shanti

Teacher & Detox Coach

Liv Shanti Kaur has been with Kundalini Life Miami since 2016. After diagnoses of 9 autoimmune conditions, Liv Shanti sought out alternative methods, including Kundalini Yoga, and healed from the outside-in. Liv Shanti has made it her mission to help heal, uplift, inspire, and motivate others to do the same. Combining the ancient traditions of yoga with newer, more modern and alternative modalities, Liv Shanti wishes everyone to know that they can heal. Find her over at www.thedetoxgal.com for recipes, healing herbal tea blends, healing sessions, and consultations.

Erika Peace

Baby & Me and Yoga After School Program

Erika Jordan, aka Erika Peace, was born in North Miami Beach and began her career path as teacher for children with autism. Inspired by her younger brother, she founded the Indigo Yoga program, which incorporates brain balancing techniques to promote overall wellness for all children. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology, masters in exceptional education, and with over 20 years working with children, Erika was able to create a program that can benefit children of all learning styles. She currently teaches vinyasa yoga, prenatal and specializes in kids’ yoga. Kundalini Life Miami is so happy to have Erika leading our Yoga After School Program & Yoga Summer Camps.

Erika Peace shares her light, love, and gratitude to all.


Sangeeta Kaur

Teacher & Retreat Leader

Sangeeta began her path of Kundalini Yoga by attending Miami’s 4 a.m group Aquarian Sadhana. She completed her first 40 days of group Aquarian Sadhana sequentially, which inspired her to continue on and become certified as an instructor. Sangeeta travels every year to New Mexico to deepen her studies with kundalini yoga, and attends an annual two week Conscious Womens Camp. The path of Kundalini has brought richness, hope, and strength to her life. Sangeeta brings a profound practicality through the teachings as she reminds us all that the best teacher lives within.

Jai Jot Yoga Teacher

Jai Jot

Teacher & Musician

Jai Jot is a yogi, musician and a co-founder of Moon and Jai. As a classically trained jazz percussionist he shifted his musical path and has performed with some of the most recognized mantra bands like Snatam Kaur, Ajeet Kaur, Guru Ganesha band, and Gurunam Singh. When not touring or recording, he teaches kundalini yoga at Kundalini Life Miami, facilitates sound healings, and performs locally. Jai Jot’s in depth meditation practice and devotion to Kundalini yoga has guided him through life’s challenging moments, and led to a desire to to be able to share these powerful practices with others. He completed his level one Kundalini teacher training in 2014, and has been teaching since. He is a yogi dedicated to the light and love of the Naam.

Jai Jot Yoga teacher

Jot Pavan

Teacher, Healer & Massage

Jot Pavan assists others to heal their mind, body and soul. She has wide range of certifications, qualifications and personal self study mastery and shares this in her classes and private healing sessions to heal & inspire. She loves people and easily connects with people from every walk of life. Whatever she does, she does with her heart and brings a high energetic frequency to all of her interactions.

Over the last several years Jot Pavan completely immersed herself in the healing arts simultaneously maintaining a morning Kundalini Aquarian Sadhana (4am-7am), a Vinyasa Yoga practice and a Tai Chi/ Qi Gong practice. During this time she completed multiple Yoga teacher trainings and massage therapy certifications. Her true calling in life is to heal others and to eliminate suffering.