Friends of Kundalini Life

We’re all in this together so let’s keep lifting each other up! We feel that friends of Kundalini Life could be friends of yours too, so here they are. We’re very honored to share the talent & skills of many great people and organizations that are doing great work in the world. Enjoy.

Organic Bites

It is what it is. Organic. Bites. Caring and present team holding space for a casual, yummy and legit organic bite. They deliver. Not the food, I mean …they deliver on holding space for your awesome flow AND they do it with yum. What’s not to love?

Located in Miami’s Upper East Side on Biscayne and 70th, our main objective is to educate and inform everyone of the reality of the food industry in the US. Organic Bites™ is not only a choice to eat healthier, more flavorful and affordable food, but also as a choice for our customers to take greater care of themselves. Organic Bites™: Once upon a time all food was organic.

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Living Art

Our gold “Welcome Ladies” are from Living in Art. They’ve got incredible hand-made home furnishings from Asia and a wonderful and very inspirational representation of buddha & deity statues for indoor & outdoor. Awesome, pieces and vibe. -Sadhu Singh

Beautiful Asian home décor from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Tibet, Mongolia and India.

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Evolutionary Healing System

Evolutionary Healing Institute

Dr. Paul Canali

When you’re ready to release and transcend some deep stuff then it’s time for your sessions with Dr. Paul. I’ve had a few of my deepest healing transitions with Dr. Paul in his center in South Miami. Paul knows the essence of kundalini energy and how to facilitate its best flow through us. Priceless! -Sadhu Singh

Unified Therapy™ is based on the discovery of an entirely new operating system that allows unprecedented communication into the brain, nervous system and the higher self.

To those on the path of higher learning, seeking truth and knowledge, no single process, technique or mindful practice could offer more. For the truths that emerge belong to no technique, method or philosophy. Information about your life, its joys and pain, what truly made you sick in the first place, how and why you fear, and the answers of how to get free. Most importantly, it holds the ecstasy of your own surrender, a peace and grace that will transcend all understanding.

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