KLife Retreats

Journey to the heart of Yoga retreat


with Sadhu & Bianca
Feb/Mar 2019

Explore your heart & awareness to advance to new levels of being in the Majestic Himayalas of Nepal, Bhutan & India.
Trek to some of the most sacred mountains & temples on Earth.
Learn how to transform fear & negative emotions into deep healing of self & others.
Clear mental obscurations thru profound compassion & insight meditation immersions.
Overcome blocks & distractions in your personal spiritual practice & learn to create higher levels of self care.
Uncover your deepest personal truths & consciously chart the course of your life with transformational journaling.
Attend the most premiere yoga festival in the world.   
*Includes daily yoga, meditation immersions, workshops & group sharing circles led by Sadhu & Bianca.

We’re finalizing the itinerary now so please stay tuned for updates!

We’re happy to speak with you in the meantime so you’re sure this is the right trip for you. Just send us an email and we’ll schedule a call.

Our main intention for this journey is to assist you in digging very deep into your heart & awareness so that you can achieve the deepest spiritual transformation and insight of your life and that you can practically & seamlessly integrate your transformation into your daily life once you return.


The locations we’ve chosen are have been profoundly meaningful & impactful on aspirants for centuries or even millennia.


We have chosen these locations so we can parallel our teaching & exploration practices & exercises with their significance.


Bianca will teach Kundalini & Vinyasa practices & meditations and lead immersive workshops on self care & emotional healing.


Sadhu will teach insight & compassion meditation immersions and lead workshops on deep Tibetan Buddhist inspired teachings & techniques that can profoundly transform personal practice & awareness, also deepen emotional healing and revolutionize everyday living.


Bianca and Sadhu will co-lead many practices & workshop topics together and support each other’s presence & expertise to serve each individual and the entire group as best they can.


They have been friends and teaching colleagues for 3 years and have almost 40 years of spiritual practice combined.


The week long international yoga retreat in Rishikesh, India is one of the most, if not, the most, incredible gatherings of impressive, world class teachers & leaders of yoga in the world. We’ll be there for at least 5 days and maybe the entire week of the festival.


Sadhu has been going to the festival since one of it’s first almost 20 years ago and Bianca will be returning after having been also.


Bianca spent months touring India, Nepal and Bali last year and Sadhu has been to remote mountain monasteries in Tibet in addition to many visits to India over the years.


The sacred site & temple locations we’re choosing in Nepal and Bhutan have very deep spiritual & conscious significance and also have a very exotic & natural beauty.


We’ll be spending time in deep nature in addition to visiting temples and historic sites that will correspond to our teaching & practice schedule.


We do our best to have most meals covered in the total trip cost. Also, ALL accommodations, site & temple visits, the international yoga festival and ground travel will be covered.


We will also have a guide in Nepal and Bhutan which may be arranged personally by Sadhu’s Tibetan teacher and if not, we have worked with a tour company for 5 years that has excellent guides and may use them.


The cost of the journey may be somewhere between $2800 to $3500 all inclusive. Airfare is NOT included. The trip will be at least 14 days and may go to 16 but no more.


Here’s a list of our top potential visits so far (there will be more but these are our top):


Khatmandu, Nepal- Boudhanath Stupa, Namo Buddha & Pharping


Bhutan- Taktshang Goemba (Tiger’s Nest), Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten, Buddha Dordenma


Rishikesh, India- Parmarth Niketan Ashram/International Yoga Festival, Lakshman Jhula


Please feel free to do your own research on the locations we’ll be visiting. We’ll be providing much more detail on the locations and their historical and spiritual significance relative to our journey through them and through our practices.


Again, we’ll be happy to set up a call with you and if you’d like this, please let us know the best number to reach you.
All the very best!
Sincerely In Service,
Sadhu & Bianca
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