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Kundalini Yoga & Conscious Living

Own Your Life. Live in Your Power. Serve Your Purpose.

Kundalini Life is path of Self Mastery and a global community for those ready to live in their greatest health, share their creative power to awaken the world and walk a life of radiant purpose on this Earth.

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Open Your Own Kundalini
Life Center

Evolve your mission as Kundalini Yoga leader, serve & uplift your community and join Kundalini Life’s global family of unified centers for support & fellowship.

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Free Resources &
Transformational Courses

Upgrade to your optimal health,  access your creative power and live a life of purpose with our FREE resources, transformational courses and conscious living programming.

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Kundalini Life Retreats

Dramatically shift your life’s path, take a leap into all you can be and live your dream with other empowered & conscious creatives on a Kundalini Life destination retreat.

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Awesome People who Practice Kundalini

One of the most awesome things about Kundalini is that it brings out the awesome in people like nothing else.

Awesome Kundalini Yogis

Kundalini explained and how your health, creative power and purpose depends on it.

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Kundalini Life in the Media

PBS Primetime Documentary Series
“Sacred Journeys”

PBS filmed Sadhu and the Miami group he led from their departure through one of the largest human gatherings and spiritual pilgrimages on Earth, India’s Khumba Mela.

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Wanderlust Weekly

Feature Interview About Kundalini Life Miami & Sadhu Singh

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FoxNews Health watch video
Fox TV Health Watch

Interviews Sadhu Singh, Founder & Director of Kundalini Life

Telemundo Television

Telemundo Television Feature of Kundalini Life Miami Center and Ramdesh Kaur