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Aquarian Sadhana

Are you ready for REAL, POWERFUL TRANSFORMATION in your life?
Would you like to be supported EVERYDAY toward your highest destiny with a group of intentionally motivated & conscious people?

Daily Aquarian Sadhana is located at

Atmananda Yoga

500 South Pointe Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139
*FREE Parking

*Access Code Downstairs 2500


Kundalini Life Miami is one of only a few centers in the world that offers Aquarian Sadhana to the public everyday. Yes, everyday! Even holidays.

aquarian sadhana

Sadhana starts at 4:00am EVERYDAY and completes at 6:30am with an optional sharing circle and warm chai tea. You can come to as much or as little as you feel you need. Please enter the sacred space quietly whatever time you arrive.

  • 4am: Starts Jap Ji (booklets are provided)
    (download your own PDF here)
  • 4:20-4:30am: Tune In and Yoga Set
  • 5:15-5:20am: Savasana
  • 5:20am: Morning Call and Mantras
  • 6:30am: Hukam of the Day, Long Time Sun & Long Sat Nam(s)

For the greatest transformation we encourage you to experience the FULL SADHANA of Jap Ji recitation, kundalini yoga & meditation, 1 hour of mantra AND connection in the post sharing circle. People from all walks of life and backgrounds come to our daily sadhana practice. So far, from the 100’s of people that have come to practice sadhana at KLife Miami over the years, close to 100 people have committed to the experience 40 days of sadhana IN A ROW. Many have done 90 days and even 120 days & more!

Try it once or try our 40 Day Aquarian Sadhana Challenge. We support you either way!

Aquarian Sadhana

What exactly is Aquarian Sadhana?

The two and a half hours before dawn are called the Amrit Vela (nectar time) for meditation because 40 units per breath (the greatest possible pranic energy) are available in the pre-dawn hours. The Amrit Vela is a peaceful time when the distractions and energies of the day have not battered one’s body or carried one’s mind away from the infinite possibilities dancing within stillness. It is a time when spiritual masters travel within their subtle bodies to bless the earth – and all those whose very presence is a blessing.

Early morning sadhana as taught by Yogi Bhajan incorporates Japji Sahib, (a prayer of attunement with the soul), Kundalini yoga, meditation, mantras and morning sharing circle. It is an opportunity to develop one’s sense of devotion and power of prayer within a spiritual community that values transformational discipline.

Aquarian Sadhana Team

During approximately four decades of worldwide teaching, Yogi Bhajan consistently referred to sadhana as the most important practice one could do to effect change and achieve success. Whenever anyone would ask him how he became so great he would always respond, Sadhana. First you make the habit, then the habit makes you. He referred to sadhana in lectures and classes as the basis from which our successes and victories would spring and be kept in balance. If we wished to flourish and find the reserve energy and flexibility to thrive within every realm of our life, then daily early morning sadhana was a must.

We are very honored and excited for this opportunity to share such an amazing experience with you! Sat Nam, Kundalini Life Miami

To learn more about the value of Aquarian Sadhana and why 40 days is so unique watch these videos:

To learn more about the value of Aquarian Sadhana and why 40 days is so unique watch these videos:


Things to Know About Sadhana:

1) Sadhana is not a class. It is a morning group practice with less instruction during the yoga. Any questions you may have are welcomed during the sharing circle. Because sadhana is not a class there is no registration or a fee. Donations are welcomed and support other morning sadhana communities and other great causes around the world.

2) We welcome all to join in for the prayer, the yoga and the mantras. However, There is no obligation to recite the Japji, perform the kriya or sing the mantras. Anyone is welcome to come at any time and leave any time and to participate in as much or as little of the sadhana as is right for you.

3) We please ask that the prayer books not be placed directly on the floor. Please kindly place them on your mat, pillow, blanket or return them to the basket.

Aquarian Sadhana Team

4) In respect to the quietude of the Amrit Vela, we ask that you enter & exit the center and the practice room as quietly as possible and keep conversations at a minimum, if at all, and to please speak at a whisper.

5) Sadhana guests can park for FREE in the Design Mall parking and enter the center on 87th Street.

6) The center does carry blankets, pillows and other props but there is no guarantee that this will be available upon your arrival. Please bring your own if you prefer.

7) We love keeping our sacred space as clean as possible and welcome your help too! Any help you wish to offer will be greatly appreciated. Karma yoga offerings include folding blankets, washing tea mugs, light sweeping, etc. Volunteer in the sharing circle or ask the sadhana leader how you can help.

Thank You & Sat Nam!


Kundalini Life Miami
8650 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 31 (entrance on 87th Street)
Miami, FL 33138


Kundalini Life Miami is Kundalini Life’s Miami core Co-Creative Dream Team of leaders & teachers dedicated to personal & collective empowerment through service oriented self & life mastery training and transformational education. We provide transformational Life Guidance & Life Coaching through our Dream Teams, our in-house & online programming and through our global destination retreats.

Our Miami center is an ever-growing, thriving community of empowered people transforming themselves to be the conscious, creative masters of their life’s story sharing a new collective story of a more awakened, healthy & conscious Earth. We help people make their life and life on Earth the best it can be.

We invite you to join us in greater self love and self mastery and even greater masterful service of others so that we may all become more unified & whole in an unstoppable life of more presence, joy, compassion and purpose-driven global transformation.

We encourage you to learn as much as your inspired to, ask as many questions as you want or need to and tell us how you feel we could be even more unstoppable to serve you and each other better along the way.

Follow your heart through Kundalini Life with what inspires or challenges you the most. We’re in this together and we promise to serve you and to grow with you so that we’re all thriving together stronger & brighter everyday and in every way.

Sincerely In Service,

Sadhu Singh and The Kundalini Life Miami Dream Team


Miami Kundalini Class Schedule


To Find The Best Miami Kundalini Teachers & Class for You, Please Also See “Our Team”


Monday Kundalini 11am with Lily
Synergy Yoga Miami
844 Alton Rd.- South Beach
Tuesday Kundalini 8:00am with Charla (Akal Saraswati)
Atmananda Yoga Miami
500 South Pointe Drive Suite 230- South Beach
Tuesday Kundalini 7:30pm with Bhagat Kaur
Corpo Yoga
9030 SW 72nd Court- Dadeland
Wednesday Kundalini 7pm with Bhagat Kaur
Sacred Space Miami
105 NE 24th Street- Wynwood
Thursday Kundalini 8:00am with Charla (Akal Saraswati)
Atmananda Yoga Miami
500 South Pointe Drive Suite 230- South Beach
Saturday Kundalini 9am with Atmajeet Kaur
Synergy Yoga Miami
844 Alton Rd.- South Beach
Sunday Kundalini 9:30am with Lily
Atmananda Yoga Miami
500 South Pointe Drive Suite 230- South Beach
Sunday Kundalini 10am with Bianca
Sacred Space Miami
105 NE 24th Street- Wynwood

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